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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Quote of the week: "There are three kinds of people in the world. There are wolves and there are sheep. And then there are those who protect the sheep from the wolves." Christopher Shields

Monday, August 26:
Inexplicably, a Lunkhead from Lakehills remains under lock & key on account of a misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency.
Tuesday, August 27:
Failing to remember he didn't reside in either Colorado or California, a denizen of Comfort received Cold Comfort after being nicked for misdemeanor possession of weed.
A Chump from Center Point remains confined to the county can because a court ordered it so and because he was being dogged by a warrant that suggested he had failed to live up to the expectations of a previous court.
A 17-year-old Bodacious - but Boneheaded - Babe from Bandera can still be found whiling away in the county calaboose due to a quartet of warrants, three misdemeanors and a single felony - off-bond warrant. Nice to know there are "yewts" out there who are trying to make something of theirselves.
Wednesday, August 28:
Not to be outdone, a 71 year old who has apparently NOT learned her lesson, has purportedly bounced a rubber check.
Thursday, August 29:
Another Blockhead from Bandera enjoys the largess of respectable taxpayers while he awaits his release after being nabbed for two felony warrants from an outside agency, having a dangerous drug on his person and, to add insult to injury, failing to identify himself to a state trooper's satisfaction.
A Numbskull from San Antonio with the audacity to drive recklessly in the Hill County apparently has paid for his doltish behavior.
I would imagine this Cowboy Capital Criminal had a little more on his mind than just bogarting a bud after a deputy charged him with possession of what appears to be pounds of pot.
A Dunderhead from the Lake District seemingly failed to understand the significance of the felony warrant on his tail that might revoke his probation. For his ignorance, he was collared.
Friday, August 30:
Luckily for her, a Pipe Creep didn't have to endure too many nights in the quod after being arrested for failing to heed the instructions of a least two previous courts.
A Bandera Bad 'Un "celebrated" the city in a typically traditional manner, which included being nailed for misdemeanor possession of weed and inhalant paraphernalia from which to enjoy it, as well as for felony possession of a controlled substance.
Saturday, August 31:
It looks like a Medina Moron also failed to heed the injunctions of a previous encounter with the judicial system and was seized as an account.
A Clot from the official Cowboy Capital got tripped up by a pair of unrelenting misdemeanor "other" warrants.
Meanwhile a 63-year Boob from Brackettville is still enjoying three hots and a cot, courtesy of local taxpayers, after being taken into custody for two misdemeanor traffic warrants and another indicating he had failed to appear.
On the other hand, a Lakehills Hellion bonded out of Bandera's Big House posthaste after being tossed in for a trio of misdemeanor assaults with bodily injury.
Surprise, surprise, a Lush from Lakehills was picked up for public intoxication.
Sunday, Sept. 1:
Apparently this citizen failed to realize that even on the Sabbath one cannot motor along merrily without an appropriate license.
Monday, Sept. 2:
A couple of misdemeanor warrants for failing to heed the proposals of previous courts put a Bandera Boyo in the gaol - where he remains.
A Con from Castroville is also cooling his heels in the cooler for three misdemeanors - a first DWI, reckless driving and resisting arrest.