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Good attendance ensures student success

Contributed by Bandera ISD

Bandera ISD wants your student in school! When it comes to improving student achievement there is no substitute for good attendance. Even the world's best teachers, lesson plans and curriculum are of no value to youngsters who are not in class to benefit from them. Good attendance is also an important work habit to promote in our students. Every adult in a child's life, parents, teachers or community members, have a responsibility to encourage good school attendance for a multitude of reasons. Time spent attending school is an investment in a student's future success.
Data compiled by the District shows the effect poor attendance has on failure rates. Students with 10 or more absences were four times more likely to fail a course than students who attend school regularly. Poor attendance contributes to at least a 20 percent difference in math and science scores on state accountability tests. The state accountability system places a premium on good school attendance. It is a significant factor in the 2013-2014 school accountability calculation.
Texas students and their parents could face criminal charges for excessive student absences. Students must attend class a minimum of 90 percent of the number of days in a semester. Students may not be absent more than 18 parts of days, and are required to attend 180 days during the school year in order to be considered for promotion or class credit. Violation of attendance codes is a Class C misdemeanor that carries a fine of up to $500.
Bandera ISD staff work daily to ensure that our students are in regular attendance. Parents are encouraged to call our campus administration or school counselors if we can assist with irregular attendance issues. If a student is absent, they are required to bring a note from the parent or doctor's office with the student's name on it, the reason for the absence, the date of the absence, a parent signature, the phone number where parents can be reached, and copies of any official documentation available for the absence. Notes excusing absences must presented to the school office immediately upon that student's return to school.
Bandera ISD teachers and administrators look forward to working in partnership with parents to ensure that all Bandera's students are successfully committed to excellence.