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Abbott to feds - 'Come & take it!'

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

In his gubernatorial quest, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott made a whistle stop in the Boerne area as part of his Main Street Texas Tour. At the Flagstop Café on Tuesday, August 27, he spoke with - as far as the Department of Defense is concerned - an assembly of "extremist ideologues."

Introducing Abbott, Boerne resident Susan Howard referenced the now infamous DoD-funded diversity training guide. Authored by personnel with the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, the document advises students that rather than "dressing in sheets" modern-day radicals "will talk of individual liberties, states' rights, and how to make the world a better place." The 130-page training guide also describes 18th-century American patriots who fought for freedom from the British, e.g., the Founding Fathers, as belonging to "extremist ideologies."

After thanking Howard, Abbott, in turn, happily welcomed all local "extremist ideologues" to his first campaign rally in the Hill Country.

Beginning his address, Abbott spoke about the accident that left him confined to a wheelchair. "As I was jogging, an oak tree fell on me, fracturing my vertebrae and spinal cord," he explained. "As I was trying to piece my life back together, doctors were attempting to piece my spine back together." To that end, they inserted metal rods into his spine. Abbott continued, "Some politicians just talk about having a spine of steel. I really do have a spine of steel."

According to Abbott, his spine of steel will be helpful to fend off the onslaughts the inside-the-beltway government has in store for the Lone Star State. "The federal government poses threats that include running more lives, taking more money from the people and digging us deeper in debt," he said. In response to draconian federal intrusions, Abbott has initiated 28 lawsuits against President Barack Obama's Administration - likely more than any other attorney general in the United States. "I guess they don't understand the premise, 'Don't mess with Texas'," he joked.

The looming Obamacare, Abbott predicts, would bring economic devastation to the country, leading to massive layoffs, decreased work hours, increased health care costs and decreased access to health care. He also felt the Affordable Health Care Act violates the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, noting, "Obama doesn't understand that constitutional amendments are not suggestions, they're guaranteed rights."

Decrying the exceptions given to the healthcare mandate by Obama to unions and others, particularly recent subsidies granted to Congressional staff, Abbott said, "Granting exceptions will not solve the problem. If government employees do not have to live with this healthcare law, then employees in Texas shouldn't have to either."

Abbott also spoke about the recent lawsuit US Attorney General Eric Holder filed against Texas to stop implementation of the state's voter identification requirement. "Under the 10th Amendment, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that states have the authority to regulate their elections," Abbott said. "Last week, Holder took steps to prevent that from happening here."

Abbott continued, "Voter fraud is real in Texas. I've prosecuted voter fraud across the state and it must be stopped. I'll take this back to the Supreme Court if I have to.

He also cited two lawsuits filed against the feds regarding the Second Amendment - the right of an individual to keep and bear arms - in which Texas prevailed. Abbott then warned the crowd about the another potential threat, the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty - which would "give authority to the UN to take away guns."

"That treaty would regulate small arms and there are rumors that the president may sign it," Abbott said, explaining, "If the Senate ratifies the treaty, it would become law in the United States." After a pause, he added, "In that case, I'll be launching my 29th lawsuit."

"Texas policies are the ones that have made us the model for the rest of the nation," Abbott continued. "Those are policies of less government, low taxes, reasonable regulations and right-to-work laws that prevent Texas from being victimized by some of the union abuses seen in other states.

Government should be by your side, not on your back."

As governor, Abbott vowed to focus on fighting the federal government's threats to Texas liberties. "I plan to revive the principles that made America great in the first place - liberty, constitutional principles and morality," he said. "I will continue to fight for your liberty against an overreaching federal government."

Additionally, Abbott felt it wise to focus now on the 2016 presidential election. "With 'Battleground Texas,' Barack Obama intends to turn Texas Blue," Abbott said. "One hundred miles east of here, during the Texas Revolution, a battlefield flag was created that said, 'Come and take it.' I say this to Barack Obama, 'Come and take it'!"

Pictured: Lila Ward, first vice president of programs for the Bandera County Republican Women, gave Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott a Hill Country welcome during last week's kickoff of Abbott's gubernatorial Main Street Texas Tour quest.

Bandera's Lila Ward listened in the background as Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott spoke with Michael Hutton of San Antonio during a gubernatorial stop in Boerne on Thursday, August 27.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott kicked off his gubernatorial campaign in the Hill Country with a morning rally at Boerne's Flagstop Café.