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Library offers 'magical mystery' story time

Special to the Courier

Pictured: Library assistant Linda Childs offers a free story time to preschoolers, beginning at 10 am, every Wednesday at the Bandera County Public Library, 505 Main Street.

Linda Childs knows the transformative power that reading to children can have.

"I remember my parents reading me a story and feeling the magic that happens when a story makes the imperceptible jump from a tale on the page to one that becomes completely absorbing," she said recently. "I loved how books introduced me to other places and allowed me to experience the enchantment of being another person."
Childs' enthusiasm for books and stories captivates preschoolers during story time at 10:30 am, each Wednesday, at the Bandera County Public Library, 505 Main Street.
"The magic of reading hooked me early and it wasn't long before I began reading books on my own and was a regular visitor to the Bandera Public Library," she added. As a child, Childs recalled visiting the public library and finding the experience "very empowering."
She continued, "I had my own card and was trusted by adults who weren't family members. Even today, after all those years have passed, I still have a special fondness for children's books. One of my favorite children's authors is Mo Willems, who has an uncanny ability to write a simple story yet create emotionally compelling characters."
In addition to sharing her love of reading and libraries with the community, Childs is also responsible for selecting the children's books for the library. "I often order books that are fun for both the child and the parent. I still get excited when the kids' books come in. I'm always the first one to read them. Sometimes I get so excited about a story that I'll often read it aloud to my boss."
Childs' enthusiastic story-telling style keeps the children interested. "I'm really hoping that more parents will bring their preschool youngsters to the Bandera Public Library for free story time. It's every Wednesday at 10:30."
For more information on this and other library programs, call Library Director John Hegemier at 830-796-4213.