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Dump divers diddle taxpayers

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

An anonymous source informed the Courier that local taxpayers suffered a blow Sunday evening when a couple of miscreants decided to spend the Sabbath breaking into the county dump in Lakehills.
"You gotta be a pretty desperate SOB to break into the dump," said our informant.
The scofflaws apparently slogged their way through a thick cedar brake to make their entry and getaway through a hole in the dump yard's fence.
Draw your own conclusions regarding the thieves' plans for the nefariously obtained goodies. They made off with the county's microwave, a window air conditioning unit, two phones and six cans of black spray paint.
Possibly over burdened by their illegal takings, the thieves left behind a fresh can of beer with a nice fingerprint, we were told. No doubt it is hard to carry a microwave under one arm and an AC unit under the other and still hold onto your brew while crawling though a hole in a fence.
It's not clear if there is a connection, but we learned that a couple of suspected odd jobbers driving a very recognizable red truck in the community spray painted it white recently, allegedly to make it less noticeable. However, the red shows through. The vehicle may benefit from another coat.
Perhaps the drivers of the "pink" vehicle can hook up with the dump dudes and acquire six cans of black at a low cost.

As the editorial staff of the Courier often says, "No, we don't make this stuff up!"