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Keane helps B&G Club win Family Dollar grant

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Earlier this year, The Bandera County Boys & Girls Club received a $5,000 grant from Family Dollar through an essay contest. The writer of the essay was Brady Keane, a junior at Bandera High School. Keane wrote a short essay that landed the dollars for the local club.
"A donation to my community would benefit countless lives of both children and adults. The Club facilities would be improved, creating happier kids, and in turn, happier parents. Implementing a better feel good attitude in our community would enable others to then 'Pay it Forward' yet again," Keane wrote in his winning appeal.
"We will be doing just that with this gift from Family Dollar," said CPO Greg Parker. "We will be making improvements to our programs by adding radios for staff members to use while communicating, updating parts of the new Teen Center facility to fit the needs for teens and purchasing storage areas for our locations. Thank you, Family Dollar, thank you, Brady Keane and thank you, Bandera, for allowing us to partner with you to serve the youth of Bandera County!"
Keane plays an active role in school, both academically and athletically. He maintains all As in his classes, which include advanced placement and dual credit classes. In sports, he played on the JV squads in football and basketball.
For the last two years, Keane has been a regular contributor to The Bandera County Courier on the sports pages, covering junior varsity sports events. This month, he represented Texas as a National Youth Correspondent to the 2013 Washington Journalism and Media Conference at George Mason University in Washington, DC.
The Boys & Girls Club is a non-profit organization that provides a safe learning environment for kids. Beginning this fall, the local club will have three locations: Alkek Elementary School, the Margaret Alkek Pavilion in Bandera, and Hill Country Elementary School.

Annual membership dues are $10 per child. For more information about the activities available, call 830-796-8109.