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Man takes header into well

Photo by Judith Pannebaker

Various Bandera County first responders scrambled recently to aid a man who had reportedly fallen into a well. In short order, Brandon Hancock, 32, was rescued - apparently unscathed - from an abandoned well, located beside a residence in the 700 block of 9th Street in the city. According to Chief Deputy Matt King of the Bandera County Sheriff's Office, the evening of Monday, July 28, a call for assistance came in to emergency dispatch at approximately 6:37 pm. Reports variously stated that Hancock had entered the well to retrieve a lost wallet or because "he wanted to see what was down there." Prior to clambering down the aged domestic well, Hancock had tied a rope around himself and secured it to a nearby tree. However, once he was approximately 30 feet deep, he became either too fatigued to climb up the rope or was "overcome with fumes," according to various law enforcement reports. Using ropes and tackle, rescue personnel with the Bandera and Pipe Creek Volunteer Fire Departments successfully hauled Hancock from the well at approximately 6:49 pm. Subsequently, he refused transport by EMS. Law enforcement officers on the scene included Bandera Chief Deputy Scott MacNaughton and Lt. Danny Bowermaster and Sgt. Gerald "Jerry" Johnson of BCSO.