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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Quote of the week, compiled by Denny Davis, re law enforcement officers: "Looking for trouble. That's what we do. That's our job."

Monday, July 15:
A 26-year-old Bad-tempered Bandera Bully might be in need of anger management classes after she was booked for misdemeanor assault with bodily injury.
Apparently this 18-year-old Slug from San Antonio thought her most heinous transgression was being caught with a pocketful of pot, inconveniently forgetting the trio of misdemeanor failure-to-appear warrants that had been dogging her. She remains a guest of the X Bar Inn for her trouble.
Yet another Scofflaw from San Antonio was caught and charged with hunting at night while being three sheets to the wind in public. He, too, remains under local lock and key.
As does a Center Point Simpleton who also failed to recall his failure-to-appear warrant after being found possessing pot.
After being charged with felony possession of from one to four grams of a controlled substance, as well as boosting something valued at no more than $20, a Hondo Hick bailed out with alacrity.
A Pipe Creep, who - at 42 - is old enough to know better, found himself afoul of John Law due to being three sheets to the wind in public and for possession of inhalant paraphernalia, as well.
Tuesday, July 16:
Two Pipe Creek Cohorts in Crime remain in the local Big House, both charged with felony motions that may eventually put the kibosh on the criminal antics of these "Bonnie & Clyde" wannabes.
Wednesday, July 17:
A Gull from Gillespie - County, I presume - celebrated Hump Day by conducting himself in a disorderly manner while being pissed in public. Hey, dude, you're 52, doncha think it's time you just GREW UP?
Thursday, July 18:
Yet another Souse from San Antone was pinched for public intoxication.
Friday, July 19:
This 22-year-old Cowboy Capital Cow remains a guest of the local taxpayers after being charged with possessing MJ as well as a dangerous drug, felony delivery of a controlled substance and misdemeanor unlawful carrying, Well, don't a gal have a right to protect her business interests, Copper?
A Bandera Blockhead was swept up by the local constabulary for being dogged by a misdemeanor failure-to-appear warrant and another that indicated he had failed to follow the instructions of a previous court.
A Succubus from Spring Branch remains confined to the county can on numerous charges, which include the misdemeanors of failing to identify herself and being dogged by a warrant from an outside agency. Her trio of felonies include possession of less than one gram of a PG 1 controlled substance, credit card abuse and burglary of a habitat.
A resident of Rio Frio was hauled off to the hoosegow - where she remains - on a quartet of felonies: sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault and two warrants from an outside agency.
Saturday, July 20:
A Sot from San Antone received his first DWI in Bandera County, and his drinking buddy was charged with public intoxication.
A Bandera Birdbrain decided to take possession of a vehicle without its owner's permission and found himself facing a felony.
A Lassie from Lakehills seemed to have been just too busy to apply for a driver's license and, well, you know the rest of this incident.
Some guy of unknown etiology was caught with a bud or two.
Sunday, July 21:
A 17-year-old local yokel is off to a great start after being nabbed for a misdemeanor traffic warrant for which he remains under lock & key.