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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

This week's quote by Denny Davis: "A man with a briefcase can steal more money than any man with a gun."

Monday, July 1:
A Birdbrain from Bandera was busted for making a false report to a law enforcement agency.

A local loon - certainly old enough to know better - was pinched for misdemeanor theft of service and for two counts of theft by check.

Possession of a felony PG 1 controlled substance as well as being tailed by a felony warrant that may at some point revoke his probation, seemed sufficient to send a San Antonio Stooge to the slammer, where he remains.

A so-called felony Blue Warrant may eventually serve to revoke the probation of a Cowboy Capital Criminal. As of this writing, he remains under lock and key.

Tuesday, July 2:
No matter what has happened in California and Colorado, it's still illegal to possess pot - medicinal or otherwise - in the Lone Star State as one weedwacker discovered.

A 54-year-old Bandera Bore found himself in hot water after apparently committing a self-indulgent bout of harassment.

A Slob from San Antone found himself in Dutch after being a victim of his own reckless driving.

A Bandera Bumpkin will undoubtedly be more careful in the future after he was charged with misdemeanor hindering apprehension or prosecution.

A couple of Lackeys from Lakehills also found themselves in aguascaliente possessing inhalant paraphernalia.

Driving without a license is still a crime in Bandera as one denizen recently discovered.

Despite an unlucky 13 charges, a Bandera Babe spent but a scant couple of hours in the county can, charged with felony possession of a PG 1 controlled substance and the following misdemeanors, being caught with a dangerous drug, one warrant that indicated the woman ought to have followed the instructions of a previous court, a quintet of "other" warrants and an outstanding accumulation of five failure-to-appear warrants. I think this has to be a personal best as far as arrest reports are concerned!

Wednesday, July 3:
A sycophant from San Antonio remains a guest of the Doo Drop Inn, charged with two misdemeanors, a motion to revoke his probation and another that indicated he had not made an effort to follow the instructions of a previous court.

A Lakehills Lush was picked up for a first DWI.

Thursday, July 4:
A Boozer from Bandera found himself facing a felony DWI after a trooper determined a passenger in the vehicle had been a child.

Thursday, July 5:
An A-Hole from Alvarado remains confined to the county calaboose on account of two felony warrants from a outside agency, coupled with a felony so-called "Blue Warrant" that may revoke his probation.

Uh, oh, a seasoned citizen purportedly boosted something worth between $500 and $1,500.

By the time you're 61 years old, you would think a Bandera Boyo might, just might, get himself a driver's license like the rest of us.

A DeQuad from Dayton remains confined in the X Bar Inn on account of he's been charged with felony burglary of a residence.

Two misdemeanor warrants that indicated this woman might not have heeded the ministrations of previous court(s) spelled her downfall - for a few hours at least.

Another Souse from San Antonio, another charge of a first DWI.
A Pipe Creep was thought to have been in possession of inhalant paraphernalia.

Oh, no, a Kerr-Vert has been placed under arrest for the enigmatic "duty strkng fixture" - whatever that is.

Saturday, July 6:
Okay, sweetie, I'm only going to write this ONE MORE TIME: If you're driving without a license, have no liability insurance and are being dogged by a failure-to-appear warrant, try to obey the posted speed limit.

Sunday, July 7:
A Sot from San Antone celebrated the Sabbath by getting stopped for his first DWI.

Monday, July 8:
And, a Bandera Bad Egg bounced a rubber check.

A 24-year-old master criminal and his 22-year-old moll were both pinched for criminal mischief.

A 19-year-old Elbow-bender from Brownsville was caught consuming a refreshing adult beverage - for which she remains in a hopefully dry lockup.