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Resources to help conserve water during drought


Widespread drought conditions continue across the state. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has information and resources available to keep Texans informed about the drought and encourage all to do their part to conserve water.
Despite recent rains, much of Texas still remains in a deep and persistent drought. To help you make better decisions about water use, including surface and groundwater regulations, and emergency procedures, link to drought information. TCEQ's Take Care of Texas water conservation page offers many resources to help you save water at http://www.takecareoftexas.org/water-conservation-tips/
At that site you will find information such as:
• Ten easy water conservation tips
• Free banner ads
• Public service announcements
• Rainwater harvesting information
• Publications
• Be sure to visit the Texas Water Smart website at http://texaswatersmart.com/ for more great lawn and garden watersaving tips.
Help your community do its part to take care of our water resources!