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'We Want To Help'

Special to the Courier

Pictured: Courtesy photo
Parents Pam and Chris Williams, along with their sons, Kyle and Austin, of the Bandera United Methodist Church, walking their route in the City of Bandera on Saturday, June 15, for a community service project titled "We Want To Help."

On Saturday, June 15, teams of congregants from the Bandera United Methodist Church - including adults and youths - visited homes throughout the City of Bandera, offering to do all types of chores for residents. They called their community service project, "We Want To Help."

This day of giving was inspired by the contributions the Bandera United Methodist Church makes to missions abroad. Church members felt the youth of the congregation needed to see firsthand what impact they could have in their own community.

Seven or eight groups made the first visits on Saturday. After finishing their rounds on assigned streets, the groups met to determine who is best suited to accomplish the needed tasks. After completing the first round of chores, the groups will move into another section of the city.

"The group is hopeful that the youth will see what seemingly small acts of kindness will do for both the receiver and the giver," said a church spokesman.