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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Law enforcement "Quote of the Week," as compiled by Denny Davis: "If you hate cops, the next time you need help, call a criminal."

Monday, June 17:
A couple of Slugs from San Antonio were nicked in the Hill Country for having a misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency and for being a weedwacker in a drug-free zone, respectively.

While a third mark from the same city was charged with unlawful carrying - of, you know, a firearm - and remains confined to the county can for this effort.

Tuesday, June 18:
A Bodacious Babe from Bandera ran afoul of the local constabulary after it was discovered she, too, was being dogged by a misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency.

A San Antone Scofflaw remains a guest of the Do Drop Inn after it was discovered he had on his tail a misdemeanor warrant that may eventually revoke his probation.

Oh, joy, oh rapture, another Cowboy Capital Criminal was found to have had a misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency in his past.

A Medina Moron, charged with eight counts of breaking the law, remains under lock and key for failing to appear, possessing pot in an ostensible drug-free zone, an "other" warrant, as well as one from an outside agency, a charge of felony manufacture and delivery of a PG1 controlled substance and a trio of misdemeanor warrants that indicated he had refused to listen to the suggestions of previous courts. Does that surprise anyone?

Apparently, this guy's leading lady - and cohort in crime - who is also from Medina, assisted in hindering the apprehension and prosecution of her boyfriend. She found herself facing a felony charge for her love and devotion.

Wednesday, June 19:
A Sweetie from San Antone also remains dependent on the largesse of Bandera County taxpayers for three hots and a cot after she was charged with not only failing to appear twice, but also with failing to identify herself, in addition to being in felony possession of a controlled substance.

Another resident of the River City remains behind bars in Bandera after it was ascertained she, too, was being tailed by a failure-to-appear warrant.

Let me say now that the hoosegow must be getting crowded as a Pipe Creep failed to bail - out, that is - after he was found to have, in his nefarious past, a misdemeanor warrant that may lead to a revocation of his probation.

Meanwhile a Simpleton from South Padre, who was busted for a felony that has something to do with forgery, bonded out in record time.

Thursday, June 20:
A Boozer from Boerne must not only contend with two felony warrants from outside agencies, but also with a felony third DWI. For his trouble, he remains a guest of the X Bar Inn.

A Medina Miscreant was hauled off to the hoosegow - where he remains - for two misdemeanor charges, weed possession and criminal trespass.

Ditto for a Lakehills Lunkhead whose charges included a felony warrant from an outside agency and a misdemeanor warrant from same.

Friday, June 21:
Oh, no, A Bandera Boyo was apparently just too busy to renew - or even apply for - a driver's license - for which he got pinched!

Saturday, June 22:
A misdemeanor warrant that suggested this Bandera Bad Boy had not followed the instructions of a prior court tripped him up at last.

A Cowboy Capital Cutie - certainly old enough to know better - was nailed for her first DWI.

A Kerr-Vert, found to be unable to hold his likker in public, remains confined to the county's Big House for that and failure-to-appear and "other" warrants, felony retaliation and felony assault of a public servant. Ah, a Master Criminal...

Sunday, June 23:
A local yokel celebrated the Sabbath by driving without a license and inexplicably also remains behind bars as does a 73-year-old Clot from Clute for being inebriated behind the wheel for a first time.