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Governor Perry signs all gun bills

By Alice Tripp Legislative Director

By Alice Tripp Legislative Director
Texas State Rifle Association

On Thursday, June 13, Governor Rick Perry added conservative issues to the last two weeks of the Special Session but the list did not include gun-related bills. While this was disappointing, all the pro-gun bills passed during the regular session have now been signed into law and will take effect Sept. 1. The list includes some major streamlines for concealed handgun licensees.

The laws passed by the Legislature and signed by Perry include:

• SB 1907 by Sen. Glenn Hegar and Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt allows CHL-students to have firearms in their personal locked vehicle when parked on a private or public university or college parking lot. A CHL-student could not be prosecuted but they were subject to the rule-making authority of the school and could be expelled.

This bill was passed and signed by Perry.

• SB 299 by Sen. Craig Estes and Rep. Kenneth Sheets provides language to clarify the unintentional display of a firearm by a concealed handgun licensee. The language changed from "failure to conceal" to "intentional display of a weapon in a public place" when force or deadly force is not authorized.

• SB 864 by Sen. Donna Campbell and Rep. Dan Flynn reduces the number of hours for the initial CHL class. The bill does not touch the required materials, written test or firearm proficiency exam. Range qualification is still in place but does not count toward the required hours.

• HB 48 by Rep. Dan Flynn and Sen. Donna Campbell creates in statute a process for online renewal of CHL without taking a renewal class.

• HB 698 by Rep.Springer and Sen. Craig Estes requires access to digital fingerprinting not more than 25 miles from the applicant's residence and is limited to counties with a population of 46,000 or less. This is specific to rural Texans who are forced to drive hundreds of miles for digital fingerprinting.

• HB 3142 by Rep. Cecil Bell Jr. and Sen. Craig Estes repeals the SA-NA designation for the CHL license. There will be no more gun categories.

• HB 1421 by Rep. Perry and Sen. Craig Estes provides law enforcement agencies an option in statute to sell confiscated firearms to a federal firearm dealer (FFL) instead of destroying them. After the cost of the sale and any other related charges, funds could stay with that law enforcement agency.

• HB 333 by Rep. Guillen and Sen. Hinojosa requires hotels and motels to provide advance notice if they prohibit firearms.

Check out more bill status at www.tsrapac.com or check directly at the state site, www.legis.state.tx.us.