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Shelter groundbreaking targeted for 60 days

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

By a unanimous vote, Bandera County Commissioners Court appointed a construction manager-agent to be in charge of construction of a proposed animal shelter. It was tentatively promised that groundbreaking for the long-awaited facility would take place in approximately 60 days.

On Thursday, June 13, commissioners selected Zane Everett to spearhead the proposed 5,600 square foot shelter to be built on Highway 173 North, on the site of the jail and justice center and road and bridge facility.

During a meeting on May 23, County Judge Richard Evans reviewed the Requests for Qualifications submitted by applicants Robert L. Koimn and Everett. Among other duties, the construction manager-agent will help develop trade contractor bid packages and assist the county review the bids and award contracts for the metal building, concrete and masonry work, as well as for mechanical, electrical and plumbing components. The project
has a budget of $200,000.

While weighing the merits of both candidates, Evans noted that the selection must be made on qualifications not on a proposed salary. "We select the construction manager-agent, then negotiate price," he explained.

Project architect Ken Burns concurred.
Evans asked both applicants if they were ready to start on the process "immediately."

Both men answered in the affirmative. Elaborating, Everett said, "This won't be my only project, but I can coordinate my efforts. I don't take on more than two or three projects at a time." He added that his other endeavors are all within the county, making his work on the shelter more convenient.

"Can both of you start this project tomorrow?" asked Precinct 4 Commissioner Doug King.

Everett noted that a great deal of preliminary paperwork and submissions would need to be completed before actual construction begins.

"How about within 30 days?" asked Harris. "Time is of an essence."
"Thirty days is an eon in construction work," Everett said.

Burns estimated it would take a minimum of three weeks to develop bid packets and put notices in newspapers. "The different components of the construction process need to be bid out separately," Burns said, "with bids being brought before the court for approval."

By Evans' estimation, if bid packages could be put together and advertised within 30 days, groundbreaking could occur in 60 days. He also noted that three sites at the complex on Highway 173 are under consideration for the animal control facility's location. "Before road and bridge does any (site) clearing, that item will be on the next commissioners court agenda for discussion and a decision," Evans said.

Precinct 2 Commissioner Bobby Harris, who, along with Precinct 3 Commissioner Andy Wilkerson, is walking point on the project, said, "Based on references and my research, I move we enter into negotiations with Zane Everett for the position of construction manager-agent for the new animal control facility." His motion was approved unanimously.