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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Law enforcement "Quote of the Week," as compiled by Denny Davis: "Bomb Squad Motto: 'If you see us running, you had best catch up'!"

Monday, June 10:
A 19-year-old Slug from San Antone remains under lock and key for committing a trio of misdemeanor transgressions, that include pot possession, failing to appear and consuming something that, as a minor, he ought not to have.

A court ordered a Kerr-Vert to be arrested on a felony charge and so he was and so he remains - in the county quod, that is.

Tuesday, June 11:
Yet another San Antonio Scofflaw motored up from the River City to seek largesse from local taxpayers after being apprehended for being pissed in public as well as for felony unlawful possession - of a firearm, I presume - by a felon. It just goes to show, if you're a felon and you have a handgun (or whatever) you should refrain from going around attracting the surely unwanted attention of local law enforcement officers by being unable to hold your likker in publik.

Wednesday, June 12:
A Kretin from Kerrville got popped for a misdemeanor traffic offense, which almost certainly led to her being charged with possession of inhalant paraphernalia. I won't even go there because why should I give advice to lawbreakers? That's why God made lawyers.

Thursday, June 13:
A Bandera Blockhead still remains a guest of the Do Drop Inn, charged with a quartet of misdemeanors, which include failing to appear (times two), criminal trespass and an "other" warrant.

A Ninny from Natalia - surely old enough to know better - got pinched for being dogged by a traffic warrant and another for failing to appear. What? Do those people think those FTA warrants just fade to black?

Now, here's someone you won't want being among those coming at you in oncoming traffic on a dark Hill Country highway. After being busted for a first DWI, this local yokel was also charged with driving without a license but while in possession a dangerous drug. Ah, the perfect storm ...

Friday, June 14:
Oh, no, another Bandera Boozer was deemed to be three sheets to the wind while in public.

A Pipe Creep found himself facing felony charges after he was nicked for possessing more than one gram but less than four grams of a controlled substance.

Sunday, June 16:
Unaccountably a San Antone Sucker remains confined to the county can after being busted for mere weedwacking.

A Bad-Tempered Banderan apparently celebrated the Sabbath by assaulting someone with bodily injury.