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AC thefts occurring 'just next door'

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Bandera City Marshal James "Charlie" Hicks has been advised that deputies with the Kerr County Sheriff's Office are currently investigating thefts of two central air conditioning units in that county.

It is believed that the AC units are being sold for scrap or being re-used or sold to unsuspecting customers. The units being taken are large and would be visible if hauled in an open-style bed of a pickup truck or flatbed truck.
Hicks is asking residents to report any suspicious activity or vehicle parked or cruising the vicinity of abandoned or vacant houses or houses that are for sale or under construction. He asks residents who observe vehicles backed up to an AC unit or a vehicle hauling a large AC unit to obtain a description of the vehicle, including a license place number, and make a report to the Bandera County Sheriff's Office at 830-796-3771 or to the city marshal's office at 830-796-3456. Hicks asked that when reporting suspicious activity, residents tell law enforcement agencies that they had read about recent thefts of air conditioning units in Kerr County.
Hicks also asked citizens not put themselves in harm's way while attempting to obtain the identifying information.
"While I realize that thefts of this nature are not occurring locally at present, I want everyone to have a heightened awareness since we are just next door to Kerr County," Hicks said.