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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Quote of the week: "An appeal is when you ask one court to show its contempt for another court." Finley Peter Dunne

Monday, June 3:
A Boozer from Bandera was picked up on his first DWI and a San Antonio Souse was arrested on a felony third charge of being blitzed behind a wheel - for which her incarceration remains ongoing.

Now comes a Bandera Blockhead who remains behind bars on three felony charges - credit card abuse, burglary of a habitation and pesky possession of a PG1 controlled substance.

A Dimwit from Dublin - Texas, we presume - was pinched for being pie-eyed in public and for possessing paraphernalia, as well.

Tuesday, June 4:
A Bandera Babe was booked for attempting to coerce a public servant.
A Scofflaw from San Antone was sent to the slammer for an unsuccessful attempt to evade arrest with the use of a vehicle - a felony charge, to be sure.

A weed-wacking local failed to remember that MJ possession is still illegal in the Lone Star State. Perhaps the pot has affected the workings of his cranial cavity.

Thursday, June 6:
Oh, no, a Kerr-Vert also completely failed to evade arrest by use of a vehicle. Consequently, he, too, was arrested on a felony charge and remains a guest of the Gray Bar Inn both for his stupidity and apparent lack of driving skills.

Friday, June 7:
Despite being busted on a quintet of misdemeanor charges, including driving with neither a license nor liability insurance and three counts of ignoring the suggestions of previous courts, a Bodacious Babe from Bandera spent but a few scant hours in the slammer. A question: Is she now required to obtain a DL and insurance before again tooling merrily along the highways and byways of the Hill Country?

Saturday, June 8:
A Sot from San Antonio ran afoul of the local constabulary after it was determined he was pissed in public.
After assaulting someone by threat, a Bad-Tempered Banderan was hauled off to the hoosegow for his trouble.

Sunday, June 9:
This Cowboy Capital Criminal's sabbath was shattered after he was incarcerated - where he remains - because of a felony warrant that might, just might, revoke his probation.

While the same rings true for a Dolt from Del Rio except his transgression was being dogged by a misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency.