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Bandera All Class ReUnion June 7, 8 & 9


Reacquaint with friends from the past.
Friday, June 7
6 - 9 pm
Meet, greet & eat.

The OST on Main Street (they are going to try to reserve an area in the back room.) This will be your first opportunity to see your schoolmates.

Saturday June 8
11 am - 5 pm
Water activities at Bandera City Park.
Outdoor games, dippin' in the river, sharing of lies & BS.

Bring food, drink & make a picnic out of it.

River conditions are marginal for a tube float, but okay for canoe or kayak. Bring a tube or kayak and float in the river at the park or arrange your own schedule with friends.

Main Event 5 - 11 pm at the Silver Sage Center, 803 Buck Creek, near the new high school.

Door prizes each half hour, or until we run out (door prize donations are welcome).

5 pm - table, snacks & refreshment set up.
6 pm - arrival of guests. Music "Of the Era" all evening.
6:15 pm - Food (add'l cost) orders can be called in for later delivery, or leave and eat, then come back.
Tea, lemoade & water served (ice chests with personal beverages, allowed).
6:30 pm - Informal welcome, recognition of the classes in attendance. 7 pm - Dancing as desired (attention given to dancing songs of the era.) 11 pm - Say goodbyes while donating help with cleanup (music to 11:50).

Sunday, June 9,
10 am
Memorial Service for deceased classmates. Bandera Middle School building, under the big oak tree. Prayer service & the reading of names of classmates, now desceased. This is the most memorable & touching part of the weekend.

Arrangements have been made for the old elementary school & high school portions to be opened for a walking "self tour". Buildings will be opened from about 10:45 to 11:30.
Admission $12, at the gate, $10 prepaid.

For info, contact 210-696-9696. All faculty members have free admission.