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Probation revocation sought for sheriff’s son

By David Arny

Brad Weldon Tucker, son of Bandera County Sheriff Weldon Tucker, was arrested in Kerrville Tuesday, Feb. 19, only hours after he had been arraigned on a trio of charges stemming from a December 14, 2007, arrest. Those charges included a second DWI, possession of marijuana and driving with a suspended license.

While being arrested on a warrant to revoke his probation for (the second) DWI, Kerr County deputies allegedly discovered Brad Tucker, 24, to be in possession of marijuana once again, as well as drug paraphernalia.

According to 216th Assistant District Attorney Lucy Cavazos Wilke, Tucker was transported to the Bandera County Jail after being arrested at 315 Peterson Drive in Kerrville and magistrated by Kerr County Justice of the Peace David Belighter. Bond for the newest marijuana charge was set at $2,000 and bond for the paraphernalia charge was $500.

A pretrial hearing on Tucker’s original DWI and marijuana possession case is scheduled for Tuesday, April 1.