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BISD Transportation Dept. salutes "Great Riders"


Transportation Director Kay Miller announced recently that 20 bus riding students have been named 2013 Great Riders by their bus drivers. The Great Riders ranged from pre-schooler Zander Kennings who "listens very well, and is always polite," according to driver Bill Hart; to senior Cali Cook, who is helpful, respectful and an exemplary bus rider, according to her driver, Alec Denbo.

"I can't begin to tell you how important it is to be a 'Great School Bus Rider.' These students understand that their driver must operate a large commercial vehicle, keep their eyes on the road, and ensure the safety of all on board, which is huge! These outstanding riders set an example to all the others on the bus and it is greatly ap-preciated. I am so proud of all of them," said Miller.