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Bandera Riverside Players hit www

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

The Bandera Riverside Players have gone global - courtesy of www.banderaradio.com

Under the direction of veteran actress Salle Ellis, the Players have produced their first episode for Bandera Radio Theatre, "Gunsmoke - The Guitar," which is being broadcast at 4 pm daily on www.banderaradio.com.
The inaugural program featured John Zukowski as Matt Dillon; Margaret Calloway, Miss Kitty; Tom Fitchett, Doc; Cindy Fitchett, Tyler; Syd Wilmot, Short; Merlene Day, Weed Pendleton; Walt Ellis, Sam; and Salle Ellis, Chester. Tooter Ripps did music and sound effects and Ed Hodges serves as announcer.

According to Salle Ellis, the next radio drama will be "Frontier Gentleman," a tale of a newspaperman who, while headed from Helena, Montana to Benton, runs into the famous Powder River Kid. Naturally, The Kid is wanted "dead or alive" - which allows the plot to thicken nicely. "Frontier Gentleman" will be recorded live on Wednesday, June 5, at the studios of banderaradio.com on Main Street.

"This was the Players' first time on the radio and, of course, we experienced a few glitches and problems that have to be worked out," Ellis said in an interview. "However, as we become more acclimated to the genre, we promise everything will improve."

Ellis, of course, is being modest. The Players' performances are perfect for www.banderaradio.com, which, as its mission, promotes all things Bandera, cowboy and western.

In the meantime, Ellis is working on an adaptation of "The Broken Coin," which was originally set in Paris. "I'm changing the location to San Antonio's 'Sporting District' in the late 1800s," she said. "The history will include some of the local gambling and bawdy houses that were not only visited by notorious gunslingers, but also by famous lawmen."

"The Broken Coin" centers around Fanny Porter's establishment, where visitors "ate, drank, gambled and generally enjoyed the evening," Ellis continued.

All western radio episodes are approximately 30 minutes long. Anyone interested in performing with the Bandera Riverside Players in the radio westerns are asked to contact Ellis at 830-460-8584.

Until then, visit www.banderaradio.com at 4 pm daily to hear the latest radio western.

Pictured: Prime movers behind www.banderaradio.com, located on the world wide web - and at 410 Main Street, Suites C and D - are "Uncle" Ed Hodges and "Mr. Bandera Music" Tooter Ripps.

Director Salle Ellis and John Zukowski as Marshal Matt Dillon record a live version of "Gunsmoke - The Guitar" for www.banderaradio.com. Radio bigwigs, Ed Hodges and Tooter Ripps, produced the half hour western drama. It is being broadcast at 4 pm daily on the popular Internet radio station.

John Zukowski played Marshal Matt Dillon during a live version of "Gunsmoke - The Guitar," the inaugural radio western for www.banderaradio.com.