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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Wednesday, May 15:
A pilferer from Pipe Creek got caught stealing something worth between $20,000 and $100,000 - a felony to be sure. He also was nicked for having a misdemeanor traffic warrant.

Apparently, another denizen of Pipe Creek was just too preoccupied to obtain a driver's license. Too bad, because now he's been arrested for not having one.

Thursday, May 16:
Not only was this Ninny from Navasoto sent to the slammer for driving under the influence, he also did it while being a minor.

Uh, oh, a Bad-Tempered Bandera Babe was nabbed for assaulting someone by contact. I wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley - except maybe the so-called one that runs through the 11th Street Cowboy Bar. Not to change the subject, but has that case been settled yet? I didn't think so ...
Here's the deal, hon. If you're motoring along without proper liability insurance, it might be a good idea to stay within the posted speed limit. This Pipe Creek cretin didn't and now she's facing both charges.

Yet another Pipe Creek Cad has been detained for operating a motor vehicle without benefit of a license.

Friday, May 17:
A couple of ban 'uns from Bandera were picked up for perpetrating criminal mischief of some sort; they remain in lockup for their transgressions.

As does a Lowlife from Leakey who was apparently pinched after it was ascertained he was being dogged by two felony fugitive warrants.

Saturday, May 18:
Although he was arrested on eight charges, a Blockhead from Bandera is now out of jail after posting bond for a quintet of misdemeanor warrants that indicated he might not have heeded the suggestion of previous courts, another misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency, bouncing a rubber check and a felony charge of criminal mischief.

Sunday, May 19:
To celebrate the Sabbath, a Bandera Bad Girl assaulted someone with resultant bodily injury.

A Lunkhead from Lakehills remains confined to the county can after it was determined he had in his criminal past two misdemeanor warrants - one for failing to appear and another "other" warrant.

An 18-year-old Bandera Bonehead apparently not only assaulted someone by threat, but also took it upon herself to carry out the threat with actual contact. For that little escapade, she, too, remains a guest of the X Bar Inn.

Monday, May 20:
A misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency seemed sufficient to send a San Antonio scofflaw to the slammer where she remains - as of this writing at least. Oh, yeah, she also got busted for not paying a traffic fine ¬- or something to do with a traffic warrant.