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Move over, slow down law expanded

Christie Post Courtesy TxDOT

Texas drivers will now have to move over and slow down for Texas Department of Transportation vehicles.

Governor Rick Perry signed the bill into law. It goes into effect Sept. 1.
TxDOT says since 1938, more than 100 of their employees have been killed by drivers while on the job.

Deputy Executive Director John Barton wears an orange ribbon as a reminder of the dangerous reality.

"In July of 2005 one of my employees was killed in Beaumont, Texas while he was getting debris out of the roadway. His name was Jeff McNeil," said Barton.

He points out drivers are not on the lookout and is applauding the Texas legislature for adding them to existing law.

Simply put, if you see blue and amber flashing lights move over and slow down.

"Maybe they are patching a pothole or fixing a sign or picking up some debris and there is not a barrel or cone to protect them," said Barton.
If you don't move over and slow down for TxDOT, you could get a citation and pay up to $500 in fines.

"You are supposed to vacate the lane nearest to the workers. If you cannot vacate safely from that lane, we ask you to go 20 miles from the posted speed limit when it's over 25 miles per hour. Or 5 miles per hour when it's under 25 miles per hour," said Senior Austin Police Officer Vaneza Bremner.

In the coming weeks drivers can expect to see public service announcements reminding them about the new law.