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Hilderbran goes 'on the record'

By Harvey Hilderbran District 53 State Representat

On Friday, May 3, the Texas House of Representatives passed House Bill 3390 to extend the state's most important economic development tool - the Texas Economic Development Act.

To date, this program has brought 128 new projects to Texas, totaling $62.4 billion in new investment and 6,700 new jobs, projects that include Toyota in San Antonio, Samsung in Austin, Motiva in Port Arthur, and Hewlett Packard in four different Texas locations, as well as 76 renewable energy projects in West and South Texas.

This highly-successful program is about keeping job creation high and unemployment low. It is about offering tax incentives to companies that create jobs.

Unfortunately, some groups released misleading information last Friday stating that the bill seeks to "enshrine ObamaCare in state law." Nothing could be further from the truth, and such statements completely mischaracterize what the bill is about.

The version of House Bill 3390 that reached the House Floor had inadvertent language referencing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act without my approval. I discovered the error three days before the bill came before the House and immediately drafted a perfecting amendment to remove the ObamaCare provision from my bill. The first action I took was to remove the incorrect language.

Unfortunately, the groups that discovered the unintended language did not contact me to inquire about the issue. Had they done so, they would have learned of my correcting amendment and of the bill's true objectives.

I do not support ObamaCare, and my legislation is certainly not aimed at promoting it. I have long been opposed to ObamaCare and federal mandates, and the final version of my legislation that passed the House last week reflects those values.