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DeHoyos muddies BCRAGD's election waters


My name is Joe DeHoyos and I filed to run for a public representative position in the upcoming May 11 election. However, I have accepted an assignment for the Department of the Interior-Bureau of Indian Affairs to help manage a construction project on an Indian Reservation in Arizona. I will be working out of the area for the next several months and be unable to devote the time and effort to this important position.

I am disappointed that I will not have the opportunity to use my years of experience in geology-engineering to serve as one of the water board reps for Precinct 1.

Like other water districts in the American west, Bandera's district claims to be a water conservation district; however, it keeps issuing permits that have taken the aquifers down beyond the ability to recharge the water supply and spring-flows. This is unwise. The current BCRAGD Board of Directors seems more interested in permitting area pumping for relatively short-term business interests. The board participates in a Desired Future Condition program that prescribes aquifers to be drawn down further in the next decades. Again, unwise and questionable.

Beside the drought conditions our lands are under, it is questionable on where BCRAGD plans to acquire the replacement water. Current management in this water district is out of balance.

Editor's note: Regardless of Joe DeHoyos' intentions, his name remains on the BCRAGD ballot.