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Butts completes course in jail management


Bandera County Sheriff Daniel R. "Dan" Butts recently completed an extensive training course at the Correctional Management Institute of Texas, a division of Sam Houston State University.

Twenty sheriffs from across the state attended the course, which was endorsed by the Sheriffs' Association of Texas. Butts spent more than 27 hours in this program learning the professional skills and techniques needed for managing a county jail.

Through efforts of the Correctional Management Institute of Texas, Texas Jail Association and the Texas Association of Counties, the program was provided at no cost to Bandera County or the participants. Attending the program indicated the sheriffs were serious about managing the risks and liabilities associated with operating jail facilities.

The Texas Association of Counties, which provides training to all county officials, is a nonprofit professional organization. Sam Houston State University is known nationwide as the premier school for earning degrees in criminal justice. The Texas Jail Association and the Sheriffs' Association of Texas are professional organizations dedicated to the training and welfare of their members.