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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, April 15:
Two Lawbreakers from Lakehills were nabbed for conducting themselves in what some might construe as a disorderly manner.

Tuesday, April 16:
A moronic motorist was apparently being dogged by a misdemeanor traffic warrant for which he was pinched at last.

A misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency appears to have put a crimp in the lifestyle of a Chick from Pipe Creek.

A Center Point Clot was stopped cold by a misdemeanor "other" warrant.

Wednesday, April 17:
Being pie-eyed in public and having a pocketful of weed seemed sufficient to send a local yokel to the slammer for a couple of hours.

A bad-tempered Simpleton from San Antone assaulted someone by contact after which he was hauled off to the hoosegow for his temerity.

Thursday, April 18:
A Houston Hick thought it would be okay to drive without a license in the Free State of Bantucky, but - as many before him have discovered - he thought wrong.

Saturday, April 20:
Not content with having two warrants for failing to heed the suggestions of former courts on his tail, for good measure, a Bandera Blockhead also considered it a good idea to assault someone.

A Souse from San Antone was picked up for her first DWI.

Sunday, April 21:
To celebrate the Sabbath, a Bonehead from Bandera, who was purportedly pickled in public, also found himself behind bars for resisting arrest.