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Koimn candidate for BCRAGD, Precinct 1


I am seeking a position on the board of directors for Bandera County's water conservation district - BCRAGD. This water conservation district can, and should, reverse the consequences of it's over allocation of ground water - especially in this ongoing serious drought. Better drought management planning is essential to ensure ground water is available throughout the County for future generations and especially in the communities of the eastern part of Bandera County like Pipe Creek, which has experienced the most growth.
The Texas Water Code says groundwater Conservation Districts are "to protect and preserve aquifers." This means protecting the aquifers and the property rights to water for all well owners - including small domestic and ranch well owners. If this is done this right, we can end up being better off by the experience of this drought and making our area a truly viable country economy. If we don't do this right - someone else will do it wrong!
As a life-long professional planner and architect, I realize that learning is a continuous experience and adapting to the nature of things never stops. I do not claim to be an expert on water issues - but, planning is planning. I eagerly anticipate becoming more informed on water issues. I will seek-out "best management practices" from other conservation districts for protecting ground water to springs to rivers and lakes and rain-harvesting systems.
My name, KOIMN, is at the top of the ballot for Precinct 1. I will appreciate your vote on May 11. I welcome the opportunity to be your representative and serve your interest. I will work to earn your trust in working toward conservative, enlightened and ongoing solutions for ground water management and rain-harvesting.