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Skinner announces for BCRAGD Precinct 3


My name is Robert Skinner. I am running for the Precinct 3 position on the Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District Board of Directors.
I have been raised in this county and have enjoyed its natural resources for most of my life. I have children and grandchildren living here and I would like to ensure their water resources as well as every citizen for generations to come. I have witnessed the steady decline of ground water and spring flows due to excessive well pumping beyond what is naturally recharged into the aquifers.
I am willing to represent people who want to protect the quality and quantity of our water resources. This can be accomplished through Bandera's water conservation district giving out more information about aquifers, water wells and alternatives to wells, such as rainwater catchment systems.
If elected as a director, I will:
• Listen to residents and landowners and try to represent your interests with water district policies. District meetings should reinstate a public comment period on all BCRAGD agendas, like the county commissioners and Bandera City Council meetings.
• Work with the general manager to insure regulations for the construction and spacing of water wells are being enforced to protect the property rights of owners.
• Strive to ensure protection of water resources from outside influences for all of Bandera County.
A locally controlled conservation district for our ground water and river begins with citizens being invited back in again to have a say about their water.
I would appreciate your vote on Saturday, May 11.