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Board looks at crumbling stadium at BMS

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

The Bandera ISD board of trustees have begun looking at safety issues at the middle school stadium and laying plans for some repairs and renovation.

District Maintenance Director Ed Barnes brought a Power Point presentation to the board for their April meeting showing areas in the stadium that are in need of attention. "The stands are currently off-limits to student use," said Barnes, due to safety concerns regarding the field house under the older concrete bleachers, rotten wooden bench seats and walkways and crumbling concrete supports under the newer aluminum seating area.

Barnes told the board that he thought the job of removing the aluminum bench seats and demolishing the supports could be done "in house" for about $6,000.

"We also need to bring the restrooms up to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards," said Barnes, and to do that "we're going to need more square footage."

Barnes indicated that the necessary space might come from storage space under the shortest portion of the sloping stands that backs up to the current restrooms.

As part of his plan, Barnes said he would like to clean up the electrical service to the stadium, removing several power poles currently blocking the parking area, and doing something about the "foxhole," a hole in the ground where several lines and valves meet. "It needs to be covered."
Barnes suggested recycling the aluminum bench seats as replacements for the wooden benches on the older bleachers, many of which are rotting.

After removal of the aluminum additions now standing at the northwest side and in front of the original stands, a handicap access ramp and platform could be restructured there.

Also seriously in need of repairs is the press box atop the bleachers.

Superintendent Regina Howell reported that the field is in use every school day for PE and athletics. "Depending on the UIL vote regarding game scheduling, we could need it for middle school games again in the future," she said.

Currently all official games and most practices are scheduled at the high school field. Trustee Greg Hicks remarked on the crowded conditions there. "It's a zoo at the high school now. We need a back-up facility."

Howell also wondered if having the extra space would allow for the construction of a three-lane track for practice.

Barnes will bring more information to the board for their June meeting.

Pictured: Photos courtesy BISD
The BISD board is looking at the possibility of removing the aluminum seating added years ago to the side and front of the older concrete bleachers at the Bandera Middle School stadium because of safety issues.

Failing concrete supports have made the bleachers at BMS stadium unsafe.