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'All systems go' in May


The public is invited to visit Mission Control and the Launch Site of SystemsGo on May 2 through May 5, as students from 30 Texas high schools send up 60 rockets they designed and built.

Launches take place all day at Stewart's Hillview Ranch, located north of Fredericksburg off the Willow City Loop. Students will be doing final prep on their rockets each morning in the Willow City Fire House. All visitors are welcome to attend both locations at no charge.

Rockets 13 is the annual culminating activity of the SystemsGo Aeroscience program, developed at Fredericksburg High School and now used in 50 Texas high schools. The student teams design and build eight-foot tall models. First-year students attempt to send a one-pound payload one mile high. Second-generation projects send rockets past the speed of sound.

Plans call for a rocket to launch every 30 minutes from six launch towers between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Organizers remind the public that the area should be considered an experimental testing range. Schedule may vary, mobility will be limited, access will be controlled and visitors need to be aware that this is the first flight of all rockets.

In between launches, there will be activities, demonstrations, and tours for families. Food and restroom facilities will be available.

Admission is free.

Direction signs will be posted. Maps to the site, launch schedule, and complete listings of activities are online at www.systemsgo.org. For online map searches and gps: N 30 degrees 24.470; W 98 degrees 40.91.

For information on lodging, area restaurants, and other events in the Fredericksburg area, visitors are encouraged to contact the Fredericksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, at 830-997-6523 or www.fredericksburg-texas.com.
For more information, visit www.systemsgo.org or info@systemsgo.org or call 830-997-3567.

Pictured: This year during Rockets 2013, students from 30 Texas high schools will launch 60 rockets at the Stewart's Hillview Ranch near Willow City on May 2-5. The public is invited.