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Auditions for Shakespeare in the Park


Auditions for Kerrville's second annual "Shakespeare In The Park" project will be held at 2:30 pm, Sunday, April 21, and 7:30 pm, Monday, April 22, in the VK Garage Theater, 305 Washington Street, in Kerrville.

This year's production will be the comedy "Measure for Measure," under the direction of Steve Roberts. Performances will take place June 1 and 2 in Louise Hays Park.
Available roles include:

• Duke Vincentio - the ruler of Vienna, he steps away from his office and, disguised as a friar, watches Angelo rule in his place.

• Angelo - the cold and calculating deputy of the duke, who serves in his stead

• Claudio - a young gentleman who is sentenced to execution for marrying Juliet without the state's permission.

• Isabella - Claudio's sister and a soon-to-be nun, she begs Angelo to suspend Claudio's execution

• Lucio- a sleazy gentleman and Claudio's friend, Lucio convinces Isabella to plead for her brother's life

• Mariana - Angelo's betrothed, who tricks him into fulfilling his engagement vows against his wishes

• Juliet - Claudio's wife, pregnant with his child

Other roles include Mistress Overdone, a madam and alehouse owner; Escalus, elder lord and statesman; Elbow, a foolish constable; a Fool, named Pompey; Francisca, a nun; Provost, keeper of the prison; Froth, a silly gentleman; Barnardin, a surly prisoner; and Thomas, a monk.

Measure for Measure ensures a plentitude of parts for a wide variety of players. For those who have wanted to give The Bard a try, this is a great way to do it!