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Medina schools deal with bomb threats

By Judith Pannebaker & Carolyn B. Edwards

Two bomb threats hit Medina schools this week. Administration and staff responded quickly in evacuating the buildings.

According to Superintendent Ross Hord, he learned that a bomb threat was written on the wall in the high school boys' restroom on Friday afternoon, April 12, around 12:45 pm.

The note indicated that an explosive device was timed to go off that afternoon, said Chief Deputy Matt King of the Bandera County Sheriff's Office.

The elementary students and staff moved swiftly to the softball field and high school students and staff headed to the football field as the buildings were secured. Bandera County Sheriff Dan Butts, a deputy, and Constable Don Walters arrived on the scene and decided to sweep the buildings with a K-9 unit. Nothing was found during the search. The students remained outside until the end of the school day while the dogs swept the buildings. Water and restroom facilities were available.

On Monday morning, April 15, at 10:20 am, Hord was advised of a second threat, this one written on a piece of paper found in the elementary school. Once again, the buildings were evacuated and secured.

A student quickly confessed to writing the note, wanting to have a day off from school. "Our students were able to return to the classrooms within the hour," said Hord.

Hord had high praise for the efficient response from his staff during the crisis. High School Principal John McNamara is in charge of training the staff for safety and security issues.

"Student and employee safety is the highest priority," Hord said.

Charges against the unidentified juvenile will be filed with juvenile probation. "I think the student will also be subject to administrative discipline at the school," King said.