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Saturday, March 16 - goin' hawg wild!

Photos by Clare Barnett

1. These two got down and dirty during the Wild Hog Catch.

2. "Hey! Two on one ain't fair!" saith the hawg.

3. "Eat dirt. You're not catchin' me!" exclaimed a slippery cerdo as he made his getaway!

4. Everyone won during the Piglets, Porkers and Shoats divisions during the Wild Hog Celebration on Saturday, March 16.

5. The Wild Hog Catch turned the Mansfield Park Arena into a veritable dust bowl.

6. It looked like an even matchup between hogs and kids during the children's division of the Wild Hog Catch.

7. Two determined hog catchers crossed the finish line.

8. This technique proved there was more than one way to catch a hog.

9. During this photo op, everyone was happy - except the hog.

10. Even the gals got into the arena action during the Wild Hog Catch, part of a fundraiser for the Bandera County Public Library.