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'This doesn't help the community'

Helping Hand Thrift Center

This torn mattress was recently "donated" to the Helping Hand Thrift Shop at 1116 12th Street. The Helping Hand does not accept mattresses, according to Executive Director Jesse Parks. "The people who left it knew it was wrong because the shop was open and we were here when they left it," she said in an interview. Parks and Assistant Manager Laura White managed to drag the mattress beside a dumpster for disposal. However, during the weekend, an overnight deluge turned it into a sodden mess. Adding to the problem, the refuse collection company refused to cart the mattress away because it was not in the dumpster. "Now we have to pay someone to dispose of it," Parks said. "This doesn't help the community at all." Before donating to any nonprofit thrift shop, it is advisable to ascertain what items are being taken and the hours of the thrift shop. Drop-offs are only accepted during business hours. For information on the Helping Hand Thrift Shop, call 830-796-8300. Good citizens benefit everyone in the community.