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BEC donates trucks to local VFDs


Bandera Electric donated three trucks to area volunteer fire departments in February. The trucks will be used by the Medina, Vanderpool and Waring departments for various fire-fighting and rescue operations.
Medina VFD will use their donated vehicle as the first response vehicle for automobile accidents, EMS assists and other non-fire emergencies.
Vanderpool will use the truck they received for off-road use in fighting brush fires. The truck will be outfitted with a 300 gallon water tank, fire pump, hose reel and nozzle. The vehicle the department had been using for this purpose cannot access many places in their rugged and hilly territory without being damaged.
"Much of our service territory is served by volunteer fire departments," said a BEC spokesman. "These volunteers use their own vehicles, in which they carry limited medical and rescue resources, to respond to calls. Occasionally, they will also use larger department fire trucks to respond to emergency calls, which is not an ideal solution. The larger trucks are expensive to operate, have slower response times and are not the most agile vehicle for many of the operations."
According to Richard Ferri, member of the Medina VFD, "We appreciate Bandera Electric's dedication in assisting the local volunteer fire departments with your generous first response truck donation."
The trucks were donated as part of the cooperative's effort to give back to the communities it serves through its vehicle donation program for volunteer fire departments. Donated vehicles have been removed from the Cooperative's fleet because they have hit certain age or odometer markers. Interested departments can contact the cooperative and fill out an application to be considered for a donated vehicle.

Pictured: Courtesy photo
Bandera Electric representative Debbie Anderson; Vanderpool VFD's Al Buckner and Doug King; Waring VFD's Joe Paolilli; Medina VFD's Mandy Barton and Kenneth Greebon; and BEC representative David Baker, were present for the donation of three trucks to area VFDs recently.