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Providing fun for Big Springs Ranch kids


Since the Wild Hog Explosion started 11 years ago, Big Springs Ranch for Children has transported buses and vans filled with children to participate in the Wild Hog Catch.
Each year, the kids and ranch personnel have raised funds for admission fees to Mansfield Park and to enter teams in the catch. This year, the Bandera Exotic Wildlife Museum will sponsor the teams from Big Springs Ranch.
The Bandera Exotic Wildlife Museum is scheduled to begin construction in mid-2014. The more than $4million dollar project will house a beautiful collection of full body mounts of exotic wildlife from around the world. Juan Infante of Bandera County donated his collection for the museum.
The museum on its 8.2-acre campus will include a state-of-the-art building with interactive technology, theatre and lecture hall. The museum will provide educational and discovery experiences to the vision impaired and educate patrons about habitats and habits of wildlife across the globe. The museum will also support and conserve wildlife throughout the world.
Big Springs Ranch for Children was established on the 7000-acre Big Springs Ranch near Leakey in 1996, as a sister campus to Hill Country Youth Ranch in Ingram. The historic ranch, which contains the headwaters of the East Frio River, was a sheep and cattle operation for most of the 20th century. In the 1970s, it was also featured as the site of Pearl Beer's "Country of 1100 Springs" video campaign.
Today, Big Springs Ranch for Children, also affectionately known as BSRC, provides long-term therapeutic care for abused and orphaned children ranging in age from five to 18 years. A long-time dream of the Perry ranching family, pioneers of Real County, this beautiful land on the Frio was given to Hill Country Youth Ranch on the condition that it create a home and school to help traumatized children heal and learn in a healthy family atmosphere.
The majority of the children are placed by Child Protective Services with lengths of stay ranging from a few months to 10 years. House parents at Big Springs Ranch for Children work hard to meet the needs of each and every child by offering the children unconditional love and open arms from the moment they walk through the doors, on through adulthood. Big Springs Ranch for Children is a family in every sense of the word.