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Purse snatchers targeting women

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Bandera Marshal Charlie Hicks is warning city and county residents about a rash of thefts targeting women in the San Antonio area. In several instances, the women who were targets have been pumping gas at convenience stores.
According to Hicks, as a woman begins pumping gas, the thieves drive up next to the passenger's side of the vehicle. A suspect will exit the vehicle and enter the passenger's side of the woman's vehicle, grab the woman's purse then re-enter the getaway vehicle and exit the scene. As this occurs, the woman pumping gas has no idea her purse has been stolen.
Hicks noted this new approach to conducting vehicular burglaries is particularly dangerous because it is yet unknown what the thief would do if confronted.
"For this reason, I urge all citizens, but especially women, to lock their vehicles while pumping gas at any location," Hicks advised. "This is one more step to prevent thieves from targeting you or your loved ones."
For further information, call the Bandera Marshal's Office at 830-796-3456.