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BHS English department starts pilot

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Bandera High School English classes have begun participating in a pilot program using Google Drive.
According to a presentation by the Technology Department's David Brown at this month's school board meeting, four carts of 30 ChromeBook laptops have been purchased for student and teacher use in the test.
English department teachers have been receiving training on online document sharing and collaboration, as well as on online testing and grading.
"The program trains students to collaborate, create and present," said Brown.
High school Principal Gary Bitzkie said the program follows successful business techniques of teams working together to solve problems.
The Google Drive program allows teachers to share information, instructions and more with students; students can share information with each other, and with the teacher.
Brown said the system is particularly well suited for English classes for writing assignments. "It's an on-going process. The student writes something, and the teacher can see what is written and make suggestions for improvements," said Brown. "It's not turning in a paper all marked up with red ink, getting a grade and leaving it at that."
Google Drive is a service that "lets users store and access their files anywhere, on the web, on their hard drive, or on the go."
After downloading the program, users can change a file on the web, on a computer, or on a mobile device, and it is updated wherever Google Drive has been installed.
In addition to this pilot, the high school is also conducting a pilot to look at the possibility of allowing students to BYOD - bring your own device - to use their personal electronic devices at school.