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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, Feb. 4:
Being dogged by a misdemeanor failure-to-appear warrant warranted the arrest of a Simpleton from San Antonio, who remains under lock and key for her previous transgression.
Tuesday, Feb. 5:
A Bad-Tempered Bandera Bozo assaulted someone with bodily injury and, for his trouble, was carted off to the choky.
An Oaf from Orange also remains a guest of the Do Drop Inn for some kind of misdemeanor judgment.
A Utopia Underling found himself on the Wrong Side of the Law after being caught with pot possession and the pipe with which he put it in and smoked it!
Wednesday, Feb. 6:
A Lush from Lakehills was picked up for being pie-eyed in public.
After assaulting someone by contact, a palavering Puff from Pipe Creek was pinched for it.
Thursday, Feb. 7:
A Bandera Boozer found himself in the soup due to a litany of woes, including a second DWI, two traffic warrants, a pair of failure-to-appear warrants and yet another for failing to follow the suggestions of a previous court, as well as for being arrested for assault and resisting being taken into custody - all that for a mere 21-year-old lad.
A warrant from an outside agency unraveled the good times of a no doubt Paragon from Pipe Creek.
A boozin' Booby from Bandera found himself in the clutches of John Law, charged with a second DWI.
Friday, Feb. 8:
A felony "other" warrant sent a San Antone Sycophant to the slammer.
Just a thought, but mebbe this local yokel should lay off the booze. Not only was she booked for being three sheets to the wind in public, she was also arrested for assault by contact.
Sunday, Feb. 10:
Another Bandera Bad Boy celebrated the Sabbath by having a first DWI on his record. And, just think, this 18 year old wasn't even old enough to drink in the first place.