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BCRAGD changes quarterly meeting date

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

The Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District (BCRAGD) board voted this month to change their regular quarterly meeting date from the first Thursday of the month to the second Thursday of the month.
The change would help the board avoid conflicts with holidays like New Year's Day and the Fourth of July. In addition, Director Ernie DeWinne said the extra week would allow time for reconciling bank accounts for the quarterly financial reports.
Clean Rivers Program
BCRAGD General Manager Dave Mauk updated the board on the district's participation in the TCEQ's Clean Rivers Program. "We've jumped through all the hoops and passed all the requirements to be an active participant in this important program," said Mauk. The district will sample six locations along the Medina River quarterly as part of the program. "It's a good thing for us [BCRAGD] and it's a good thing for the people of Bandera County."
Election set for May 11
The BCRAGD set the date for the next election of directors for May 11, and contracted with the county election officer to administer election services. Seats up for election will be the one vacated by the resignation of Lee Kneupper in July of 2012, and seats currently held by directors Don Kruckemeyer, Jerry Sides, and Don Sloan. Kruckemeyer represents Precinct 1, Sides Precinct 3, and Sloan Precinct 2. Kneupper's vacancy represents Precinct 4.
Mosty named
During the called meeting held Friday, Feb. 15, the board authorized designating the district's attorney, Richard Mosty, co-counsel with William "Mick" McKamie in the lawsuit labeled Cause No. 2013-CI-00386; Pipe Creek Water Well, Inc. and Robert Rae Powell vs. David Mauk. The Texas Municipal League, via McKamie will undertake the defense of Mauk. Mosty asked the board to consider naming him co-counsel, allowing him to be copied on documents and to monitor the litigation.
In a letter to the district, Mosty said "in these kinds of cases, I think it is prudent to have the district at least monitor the litigation such that the rights of the district, as well as Dave Mauk, be preserved."
The lawsuit against Mauk was filed following an enforcing action by BCRAGD against Pipe Creek Water Well and its owner, Rae Powell, for alleged violations of 12 of the district's rules and regulations regarding drilling water wells in Bandera County. The district fined Powell $9,500, and revoked his right to drill water wells in the county for one year.