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Abbott's address energizes GOP

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

"I've got the easiest job in the world," quipped Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. "I get up, go to the office and sue Barack Obama."
Abbott served as guest speaker at the Kendall County Republican Women's annual Lincoln Luncheon, held Tuesday, Feb. 12. While being just slightly facetious, Abbott has, in fact, initiated 24 lawsuits against various agencies of the United States government.
"I'm glad to be out of the People's Republic of Austin into the conservative clutches of Kendall County," he told the overflowing crowd at the Fair Oaks Ranch Country Club. Kendall County, he commented, voted 82 percent for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in November's General Election.
Commending KCRW members on the upcoming 75th anniversary of the National Federation of Republican Women, Abbott said, "When the first meeting (of the NFRW) was held in 1938, three states had not yet ratified the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. There were only 89 Republicans in the House of Representatives, 16 senators and six Republican governors. The face of national politics has been changed due to women."
An affiliate of the NFRW, the Texas Federation of Republican Women, founded in 1955, has become the second largest Republican women's federation in the nation. Previously, Abbott served as keynote speaker at the organization's biennial state conventions in Fort Worth and Galveston.
Referencing the November election, Abbott eschewed ideas proposed by many that that President Barack Obama "doesn't know what he's doing." Instead, Abbott contended, "Obama knows exactly what he's doing. By increasing taxes and the national debt, he's expanding the government to reshape the landscape of America. We can't let him win the fight for the ideology of the country."
Abbott continued, "America is great due to the fundamental principal of freedom - not because of more government. As Texas' AG, I fight for freedom in my own way."
To that end, he referenced the two dozen lawsuits filed by Texas against the federal government in the last four years. "Lawsuits seem to be the only thing that this administration understands," he said. A case in point involved Obamacare.
"We went all the way to the United States Supreme Court and lost by one vote. Remember when Nancy Pelosi said, 'We have to pass the bill before we find out what's in it?' Well, we're now finding out what's in it and it's looking ugly."
The "ugly" includes increasing medical costs and insurance premiums, and patients now being required to change healthcare providers.
Another irritant is Abbott's words "the overreaching EPA (Environmental Protection Agency.)" Proving you "don't mess with Texas," he's filed 12 lawsuits against that agency. "The EPA said Texas was violating the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, so we asked, 'What state are we polluting?' Well, it wasn't Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, or New Mexico. Instead, the EPA claimed we were polluting Granite City, Illinois." He suggested the EPA base their regulations on "real science" rather than "political science."
According to Abbott, environmental preservation and economic progress are not mutually exclusive. "Texas has curbed ozone pollution more than any other state in the Union while, at the same time, creating more jobs."
Abbott has also challenged US Attorney General Eric Holder on his opposition to Texas' proposed voter identification law. "There are dead people, illegals and foreign nationals casting ballots in Texas elections," Abbott contended. "The threat is real and must be stopped. We're taking this one to the Supreme Court also."
According to Abbott, the battle for the future of American must be won on the battlefield of ideas. "The Democrats believe the government should be a caretaker and provider. This philosophy is devisive, pitting classes and races against one another. The Republican vision is one that multiplies wealth, allowing the poor to become rich. Greatness lies in the heart of all Americans - not just those in Austin or Washington, DC."
Pointing out that the Texas House of Representatives includes both African-Americans and Hispanics, Abbott said, "This occurred because they were elected as conservatives - not because of diversity for diversities sake."
President Abraham Lincoln, Abbott said, also espoused this "right to rise" philosophy - which, simply stated means that in American, anyone can become someone. "Texas is the Lone Star State for a reason. We stand separate and alone as a model for the entire nation. The country is envious of the economic engine that is the State of Texas, the most successful state in the Union today."
The goal, he said, is to make the rest of the county like Texas rather than the other way around. "This is our mission and this must be our moment. If the rest of the nation could replicate Kendall County, there's a bright future ahead."

Pictured: Photo by Mary Himlin
To keep up with the latest litigation filed by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott against the federal government, follow him on his Twitter account - @GregAbbott_TX