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DARE scam making rounds

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Bandera Marshal Charlie Hicks is warning residents about the latest scam making the rounds - bogus attempts via telephone to solicit donations for the DARE program.
After making contact with both businesses and individuals, a scammer asks them to support the local Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) by providing him with credit card information over the telephone. This latest scam has occurred in Kerr County, according to Hicks.
He reminds everyone that the Bandera County Sheriff's Office is the department that administers the DARE program. "I am sure that if they were to solicit money, county and city residents and business owners would be contacted personally," Hicks said.
An international education program, the DARE program is designed to prevent use of controlled drugs, membership in gangs and violent behavior. DARE is an important component of the American War on Drugs. Students who enter the program sign a pledge not to use drugs or join gangs. Using an interactive in-school curriculum, which lasts 10 weeks, local police officers teach students about the dangers of drug use. Sgt. Arnold Harst of the BCSO serves as the Bandera County DARE officer.
Hicks asks everyone to remain vigilant and aware of these and other scams. "If you have any doubt before surrendering any personal information, contact local law enforcement authorities or just hang up," he advised.
For questions or to report a scam, call the Bandera Marshal's Office at 830-796-3456.