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Crowds chillin' during Chili Cook-Off

Photos by Judith Pannebaker

While hawking his arrowhead art, Bob Saundera advised, "Don't drive black cattle at night and don't eat chili if you're wearing a white shirt."

Good-natured museum volunteer Cindy Hughes was described as the "go-to gal" for getting things done.

Womanning the booth that sold tastes for the Chili Cook-Off were museum stalwarts, Laurie McLean, Darla Hinton, Cerise Ripps and Norah Denman.

The two Marys - from left, Stein and McGroarty - sold raffle tickets for the upcoming St. Stanislaus Festival.

Local legend PeeWee Stroud enjoyed the festivities on 11th street while offering handmade iron objects, including custom made branding irons, from the old Bandera Forge.

Harry Harris, president of the Frontier Times Museum Board of Trustees, raised over $500 in the 50-50 raffle during the Chili Cook-Off on Saturday, April 6.