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Friends group seeks members

Special to the Courier

Did you know that you, the local residents, are the single largest source of funds for the Bandera Public Library?

In order to ensure that the library continues to serve the community, The Friends of the Bandera Library is holding their annual membership drive this month.

"Please come join us to ensure that the funds will be available to keep the library open and offering all serves that our community has become accustomed to," said a spokesman for the non-profit organization.

Did you know:

• These difficult economic times increase the use of our library while at the same time funds from the county decrease, causing a larger burden on our volunteer segment.

• There are over 8,000 patrons who hold a library card in Bandera Public Library, of these, only 137 are members of the Friends of the Library.

• The Friends of the Library are the main source of funds that provides money for all books, magazines, newspapers, computers and the internet access, CDs and DVDs.

• Without money earned by the Friends of the Library there would be very few new books, no CDs, no DVDs nor that much used internet access that our community depends on. All moneys provided by the county is used for administration costs of keeping the library open, which leaves precious little for acquiring the books, CDs, DVDs, etc that are requested by our public.

• The Friends of the Library raise money through this membership drive and fundraising events through out the year. We have used book sales, bake sales, Christmas gift wrapping and bingo fund raising. All these fundraising programs are supported by a group of less than 10 volunteers!

Please become part of the team working to maintain, improve and enhance our community library.

Donate your time and /or become members of the Friends of the Library and keep our library open and an important part of our community.

Please respond generously to a letter from the Friends arriving in your mailbox this month, or stop by the library to join up.