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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, April 1:
A fool was caught driving without a license on April Fool's Day.

A fine, upstanding 21-year-old citizen of Pipe Creek was popped for supplying a minor with something he ought not to have been and for being dogged by a misdemeanor failure-to-appear warrant, as well.

Tuesday, April 2:
A Bodacious Bandera Babe was busted for being disorderly in conduct.

Wednesday, April 3:
What can I say? It just wouldn't be a typical week in the Free State of Bantucky if at least one person - such as this well brought up 24-year-old young lady - hadn't been pinched for public intoxication.

Well, it appears an Idjit from Ingram unsuccessfully attempted to evade arrest. Oh, yeah, she also was foiled by an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for failing to heed the recommendations of a previous court.

Thursday, April 4:
Not content with just being pissed in public, a Bonehead from Bandera is also accused of felony burglary of a building - and remains in the quod for his trouble.

Oh, the horror! A Bandera Blockhead attempted to evade arrest - twice - but, both times, was thwarted by law enforcement officers. He, too, remains a guest of Bandera County's X Bar Inn.

Two misdemeanor warrants from an outside agency tripped up the good times of a Pipe Creep.

Friday, April 5:
A Cretin from Conroe purportedly bonded out of the gaol posthaste after receiving his first DWI.

An 18-year-old Moron from Medina was momentarily nonplussed to discover weedwacking is still illegal in Texas.

A Couple of Clots from Pleasanton, who apparently considered Bandera to be a Drug Zone, found themselves confined to the clink for felony possession of a PG1 controlled substance and for pot possession.

A Schmuck from San Antone apparently failed to resist arrest as he had first intended.

An Airhead from Alvin found himself detained for being inebriated behind a wheel for a first time.

Saturday, April 6:
With the Rumble in full flower, a trio of Cowboy Capital Chumps was arrested for being pie-eyed in public and for a first DWI.

Meanwhile, a Rutabaga from Robstown found himself in law enforcement crosshairs, arrested for a felony third DWI.

Possession of controlled substance earned a Bandera Bad Boy a trip to the Doo Drop Inn.

And a Pipe Creek Clot learned that that even in Bandera County one needs to have a driver's license in order to operate a, well, motorized vehicle on the local highways and byways.

Luck ran out for a Moron for Merteon (!?) when he was stopped for a felony third DWI.

Sunday, April 7:
However, a Flunky from Fair Oaks Ranch still has two more DWI charges to go before she must resort to hiring an expensive defense attorney. Of course, she could also stop drinking and driving, but that might be too easy.

When she finally gets out of the slammer, a Bad-Tempered Babe from Bandera might do with some anger management classes after being nicked for assault with bodily injury and resisting arrest, and felony assault of a public servant.

A Birdbrain from Bandera remains confined to the county calaboose for a so-called felony Blue Warrant.

Ditto, but this Slime from Sunvale finds herself still behind bars for felony possession of a PG1 controlled substance.

Although she purportedly possessed a mere "dangerous" drug, a Cat's Paw from the Cowboy Capital also remains under lock and key for indulging in her indulgences.