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County & district clerks participate in CE school

Special to the Courier

Bandera County Clerk Candy Wheeler and Bandera County District Clerk Tammy Kneuper - along with over 400 county and district clerks - participated in the School for County and District Clerks at the Hilton College Station Hotel and Conference Center in January.
The annual continuing education school in College Station is sponsored by the VG Young Institute of County Government, a part of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. The institute provides elected county officials with information and technical assistance to help officials complete their state-mandated, minimum continuing education requirements.
Wheeler noted that attending educational conferences enables her to stay current with the rules and laws handed down by Austin legislators. "As county clerk, these new rules and laws affect not only my office, but also the citizens of Bandera County. By staying up-to-date, I can better serve the county and citizens in the coming year."
Kneuper described the office of the district clerk as the "the nerve center of the district courts and family law cases in Bandera County; the link between the courts and the people; and the heart of a large network providing vital information to other agencies and offices."
She continued, "District clerks must ensure that the affairs of the district courts are maintained objectively with the full confidence of judicial authorities. Attending educational conferences enables me to run the office efficiently and professionally. Additionally, being well informed allows me to serve the people of Bandera County better."
Texas is one of just a small number of states that requires all elected county officials to earn continuing education credits, according to Richard O. Avery, director of the VG Young Institute of County Government. "The institute provides education to county commissioners, judges, tax assessor-collectors, county and district clerks and HR professionals through various programs held across the state."
This year's program covered a range of topics, including Filing Requirements - Texas Property Code; e-filing in Texas Courts; Family Law Reporting Changes; Exhibits: What to Do with Them; and Writs, Bills of Review & Civil Bill of Costs, among others.

Pictured: County Clerk Candy Wheeler with District Clerk Tammy Kneuper