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Law West and East of Priviledge Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, Jan. 14:
The good times of a Lakehills Laddie were tripped up by a felony warrant from an outside agency.
Tuesday, Jan. 15:
Although saddled with two felony charges - possession of controlled substances - and also for having a pocketful of pot in a drug-free zone, a Miscreant from Medina pulled but an overnighter in the quod.
It looks to me like a trio of master criminals from Center Point and Bandera were sent to the slammer because everyone seemed to be in possession of a PG1 controlled substance. The "ladies" bailed out posthaste while the guy remains a guest of the Doo Drop & Stay a While Inn - maybe due to a couple of misdemeanor warrants that had indicated he had not complied with the suggestions of a previous court.
Wednesday, Jan. 16:
A 17 year old ran afoul of the law for having pot in a drug-free zone.
Thursday, Jan. 17:
A Bad - Tempered Bandera Bandito found himself in a fix and charged with misdemeanor assault with bodily injury.
Whereas another local yokel had to spend two nights in the county clink on account of refusing to take seriously the recommendations of a previous court.
Friday, Jan. 18:
Yes, pot is still illegal in Bandera - and, in fact, most - but not all - of the country, as one 22-year-old weedwacker discovered.
Saturday, Jan. 19:
A Lush from Lakehills reached the ripe old age of 49 before being popped for his first DWI.
While his perhaps companion was also arrested for something called "duty strkng fixture" and also resisting arrest.
A Scofflaw from San Antone spent overnight in the slammer for being dogged by a trio of misdemeanor warrants from an outside agency as well as for altering or fictionalizing a vehicle registration sticker.
What is with people from River City? How come they can't disobey laws down there? Here's another Slug from San Antonio who motored through the Hill Country only to be stopped for "unauthorized use of a motor vehicle" and for evading arrest - though not very successfully in would appear - with a vehicle.
Yet another San Antonio Simpleton was caught driving without a license. Do you think this trio of dolts motored up here en mass?
The past of a Mope from Medina is best illustrated by the duo of failure-to-appear misdemeanor warrants that finally caught up with him.
A Chump from Center Point seems to have been collared for possessing MJ in yet another not quite drug-free zone and something more dangerous, to boot.
A Medina Mooncalf found himself under arrest after assaulting someone by threat.
Sunday, Jan. 20:
A resident of the River City might have gotten away with driving without a license DOWN THERE, but not UP HERE!
It ostensibly took a Moron from Medina 65 years before he was caught driving while intoxicated for a first time.