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Law East and West of Priviledge Creek

Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Tuesday, Jan. 8:
A Bandera Boozer got popped for her very first DWI.
A Pip from Pipe Creek thought he could get away with his stash of a controlled substance, but, according to the report of a deputy, he didn't.
Wednesday, Jan. 9:
An 80-year-old resident of the Creek District apparently failed to hold his likker in public.
A Boyo from Bandera was purportedly too busy to apply for a driver's license so he tooled around without one until stopped by The Fuzz.
Thursday, Jan. 10:
Will wonders never cease!? Yet another Bandera Babe was pinched for being pie-eyed in public.
Oh, No! A second DWI keeps the clock ticking for a crapulent citizen of the Cowboy Capital who apparently likes his spirits more than his driver's license.
A Mope from Medina saw the inside of a cell for a bit after being collared for conducting himself disorderly.
Friday, Jan. 11:
As one woman found out, don't be attracting the attention of the local constabulary if you're tooling around behind a wheel without a license.
A Scofflaw from San Antone discovered you don't evade arrest with a vehicle in Bandera without suffering some kind of consequences - like being arrested and charged with it.
I've written it once and here I am, writing it again. If you're in this county illegally, don't do anything to raise the suspicions of local law enforcement. Not one to take advice, this guy failed to follow my sage advice and now he's in the quod charged with pot possession and awaiting a call from INS agents.
Saturday, Jan. 12:
I thought weed was supposed to mellow one out - or so I've heard! Apparently not so for this local yoke who was caught with the stuff and booked for assault by contact, too.
Not content with being three sheets to the wind in public, a Pipe Creek Cretin also seemed to have perpetrated criminal mischief.
As did his cohort in crime who was also charged with resisting arrest, which perhaps accounted for his continued confinement in the county clink.
Two Pipe Creek Clots were charged with felonies after they attempted to boost something worth between $1,500 and $20,000.