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Missing antiques mystery solved

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

The mystery of what happened to the antiques that once provided charming accents to the interior of the former Braun Drugstore and Braun Medicine Chest has been solved.
In an email dated Thursday, Jan. 10, Morgan Porter, media contact for Medicine Chest, offered a full accounting. He explained that while CVS had bought the business in Bandera, the corporation had not purchased the building. CVS is leasing the distinctive building, located at 1202 Main Street, which Medicine Chest still owns.
"When [Medicine Chest] learned that CVS did not intend to keep the antique fixtures and soda fountain, we made special arrangements with CVS to have the items delivered to us," Porter wrote. "We [understand] the value of the antiques not only to us but to the Bandera community." Due to its unusual fixtures, fittings and antiques, the faux period building had become a must-see for area tourists.
According to Porter, the soda fountain sustained damage during its removal, but it is currently being professionally restored.
"All of these antiques will be stored in a climate-controlled storage facility," Porter continued. "If CVS vacates the building, our intention is to return the antiques to the building."
In addition, he noted that CVS executives and staff had gone "out of their way" to assist Medicine Chest preserve the irreplaceable antique fixtures.